JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript is a lightweight and cross-platform scripting language that implements object-oriented concepts. The JavaScript language is not compiled, but rather translated. JavaScript code is translated by the JavaScript Translator (included in the browser).

Many websites use JavaScript (js) as a light-weight object-oriented programming language for scripting. Netscape Navigator introduced it in 1995 as a tool for adding programs to webpages. JavaScript is a programming language that follows the syntax and structure of C. In this sense, it is a structured programming language.

JavaScript is used for creating dynamic pages on the client side. The JavaScript programming language runs in the browser. Static HTML web pages become interactive ones when updated dynamically, form data is validated, multimedia is controlled, images are animated, and more.

In JavaScript, certain types are implicitly cast, so it is a weakly typed language. There are several operating systems that support JavaScript, including Windows, MacOS, etc.